Tuesday 12 September 2023

All About That Place

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Society for One-Place Studies, this unique event is spearheaded by the Society of Genealogists, the Society for One-Place Studies, Genealogy Stories, and the British Association for Local History. This is happening from Friday 22 September to 1 October 2023.

I have one of the presentations you can see called, All About Cornwood, a talk is about a small rural parish in southwest Devon and will delve into the place, the people and the history of the area.

There are 130 talks, 93 speakers and 10 days of history fun!

Join like-minded history lovers to explore the places your ancestors lived in, all from the comfort of your own home. Inside our pop-up Facebook Group and on our YouTube channel, you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of free online bite-sized recorded talks from a wide range of speakers (all of whom have kindly donated their time to celebrate One Place Studies).

With event sponsors including eminent organizations like The Genealogist, Name and Place, University of Strathclyde, Pharos Tutors, The Historic Towns Trust and Family Tree magazine, you can be sure to enjoy a truly engaging educational opportunity like no other.

This one-of-a-kind event isn’t just about idly watching though! It’s specially designed to help you to take part and start diving into local history. Alongside the wide collection of talks on research tools, analytical techniques, and place history, you’ll be provided with motivating challenge instructions. Perhaps you’ll even start a One-Place Study. You’ll be able to download a free challenge workbook to record your learning activity and complete challenge tasks.

Plus, to celebrate your amazing progress you’ll be offered the opportunity to enter a prize draw consisting of a wide range of history goodies (such as 1-year membership to the SoG, the Curious Descendants Club, BALH, Name and Place, a discount on The Genealogist’s Diamond subscription, 4 Historic Towns maps and more)!

For more information go to the All About That Place subscription page.