Tuesday 25 September 2018

Webinar Participation

I had the pleasure earlier this month in presenting my talk about Genealogy and the Little Ice Age to two groups. One was in Seattle at the one-day conference put on by Unlock the Past. I was joined there by international experts, Blaine Bettinger, Maurice Gleeson and Cyndi Ingle.

As a special bonus, registrants to the conference can view all of the presentations on the Legacy Family Tree Webinars website. It is not too late to sign up. As Unlock the Past has announced in their latest newsletter. Details can be found for late registration on the Unlock the Past website. In addition to getting access to the 10 presentations, the price also includes an entry into a prize draw and a AU$90 discount coupon (approximately the full value of the livestream registration cost) on an order of Unlock the Past’s genealogy ebooks. A great deal!

As they say, “UPDATE 18 September 2018 – the conference and livestreaming itself has ended. You may still book for the recorded sessions – until 30 September 2018. The recorded sessions, will be available from (or before) Thursday 20 September 2018. A link and code to access these will be given to all who have registered. You will have access to the recordings for a month after you receive information on how to access them. Those who pre-booked or registered on the day for the in-person conference at the library may add access to the recordings for just the US$20 price difference.”

As a presenter, I only got to hear a few of the other talks as we were split into two rooms. I am looking forward to now hearing the rest.

Regular subscribers of Legacy Family Tree Webinars have access to the recordings as part of their annual membership. So, if you are already part of that wonderful resource, I hope you will sign in and watch all of the Seattle conference talks.

The Seattle conference and my presentation in Alberta this month offered me an opportunity to introduce my book, Surviving Mother Nature’s Tests, to more genealogists. I am eager to spread the word about how habitat has played an important role in the lives of our ancestors and that many decisions they made with respect to relocating may well have been due to the physical circumstances in which they lived or because of disasters that befell them.

Readers may purchase my book directly from Unlock the Past (Gould Genealogy & History), including an electronic (PDF) version. Print copies can also be purchased from me for Cdn$40 (plus shipping cost for those living outside Calgary, Alberta). Anyone interested can email me at survivingmnt@gmail.com to inquire about ordering.

I continue to research topics concerning natural phenomena and family history and will write more about the stories and reports I uncover – both on this blog and in articles in various journals and magazines. I am also preparing other presentations for public webinars. Stay tuned!