Wednesday 26 May 2021

MyHeritage Photo Repair

 By now many of us have experimented with enhancing, colourizing and animating photos using the new techniques available on MyHeritage.

Today they offered a new process – repairing damaged photos. I tried it out on a couple of my family pics.

The one of my great-grandmother (below), taken in 1882, worked fairly well. It took out the crease through the image (left image) and, with the extreme repair repair, took out some of the water marks around her head (right image). It did not work on the blemishes on her face which must be taken out with Photoshop.

A family group photo I have, taken in 1895, was severely damaged (below - top image). The process did not do quite as well (bottom image). The rip was only partially mended around the face of the girl in the back. It did not touch the rip on her dress or alongside her arm. My grandmother is the little girl in front. It did take out the rip on her skirt but also some of the fancy stitching along the hem. I did not expect it to fix the missing parts of her face which, of course, it didn’t.

Luckily, I had obtained another copy of the family photo from a cousin which is in much better shape (below - top image). I uploaded this one for enhancing (bottom image). The result was good although there is still some problems with getting the eyes right. I will have to fix those with Photoshop.

Anyway, I am sure this will be a boon to old photo enthusiasts. I will have a look at my whole library now.

This should be fun!