Wednesday 1 May 2019

Taking Some Time Off

I am taking some time off regular blogging here for a while, a hiatus of sorts.

I have many writing projects on the go, both articles for periodicals and books I have been meaning to get more engaged with. More consistent effort and time are required to complete them. Some have general deadlines that must be met.

Plus, we have two puppies we recently brought home; training them has become a priority. The mild spring and summer months will be most ideal for that time-consuming exercise.

In all likelihood, I will be cataloging ideas and making notes for future blog posts, so will be able to easily get back to publishing here again. There will undoubtedly be some topics that cannot wait to be posted (it is hard for me to stay silent for long). But pieces will not be as regular as I have tried to maintain over the past several years.

Thanks for reading and please watch for future posts.