Tuesday 18 January 2022

The Really Useful Bulletin

 The Family History Federation publishes a monthly newsletter called the Really Useful Bulletin. In the most recent issue, 17 January 2022, there is a really useful article titled Exploring the National Library of Scotland maps website for family history.

I have written here before about using maps in researching families and the areas in which they lived.

Chris Fleet, Map Curator for NLS describes in detail how to access and use the “quarter of a million freely-available high-resolution maps online, dating from the last four centuries.” That’s right, a quarter million!

I use the NLS site a great deal in my own research.

I highly recommend readers have a look at the NLS map site and see what they have.

I also recommend you take a look at Chris’s informative article and sign up for future from the Family History Federation newsletters. There is always something really interesting to read and things to learn about.