Tuesday 31 December 2019

2019 Year in Review

Blog Posts

I posted 19 times on my Discover Genealogy blog and 17 times on my Mother Nature’s Tests blog. This activity was not quite as busy as in past years as time was taken up with research and writing of many other articles.

Published Articles

It was a busy year for writing articles for various magazines and journals. I had ten of them published in 2019:
·         Changing LandscapesDiscover Your Ancestors magazine – April, number 72
·         A Family Tragedy: The 1866 Pennine FloodGoing In-Depth magazine – July, volume 7, number 6
·         Finding Birth Parents: Success and Not-So-MuchCrossroads, the quarterly journal of the Utah Genealogical Association – Fall issue
·         Should you start a One-Name Study if there is no one to take it over?Journal of One-Name Studies, quarterly journal of the Guild of One-Name Studies – July-September, volume 13, number 7
·         The Great Frost & FamineFamily Tree (UK) magazine – Christmas issue, volume 36, number 3
·         The History of Old OccupationsFamily Tree (UK) magazine – March, volume 35, number 6
·         Losing the ‘a’: A reminder lesson surname spellingThe Devon Family Historian, the quarterly journal of the Devon Family History Society, February, number 169
·         Families in Peril: The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12 - Going In-Depth magazine – April, volume 7, number 3
·         Surname Search Limitations for a One-Name Study - Journal of One-Name Studies, quarterly journal of the Guild of One-Name Studies – October-December, volume 13, number 8
·         Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878Internet Genealogy magazine – December/January, volume 14, number 5

One of my 2018 articles for the Journal of One-Name Studies won a Guild Award of Excellence given in April 2019:
·         Surnames Origins – Why? When? Why then? – October-December 2018, volume 13, number 4

Presentation & Webinars Given

I presented the following talk to the English & Welsh Special Interest Group of the Alberta Family Histories Society in January and to a genealogy group of retired teachers in March. It was also the subject of a webinar for the Virtual Genealogical Association in July:
·         Using Parish and Other Records . . . to determine now natural phenomena affected people and communities in the past

Plans for 2020

I have submitted four articles for publication and have several others in various stages of research and writing.

I am scheduled to present talks to the Family Tree Live 2020 conference in London in April. And I will be giving a webinar as part of the Legacy Family Tree Webinars in May and another to the Virtual Genealogical Association Conference in November.

This on top of the hopefully more regular blog posts and my own family history research.

Thank You. . .

. . . to all me regular blog readers. I hope you have found at least some of the posts of interest and value. I look forward to contributing other useful information next year.